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<aside> 💡 The Tokenomics Design Canvas accompanies the complete Tokenomics for Builders guide.

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This YouTube playlist produced in partnership with the Stacks Foundation walks through step-by-step instructions to complete each portion of the canvas:

Companion YouTube playlist for step-by-step walkthrough of Part Two

Companion YouTube playlist for step-by-step walkthrough of Part Two

1. Objectives & Requirements

(1A) Role (1B) What Problem do Users in this Role Have? (1C) How do Users Solve it Without Your Product? (1D) How Does Your Product Help Users? (1E) How do Users Benefit from Network Effects? (1F) How does the Token the Increase these Benefits? (1G) Why do Users Want to Hold the Token?

2. Value Accrual

(2A) Role (2B) What Value Does Your Product Create for Them? (2C) How Does Your Product Capture Value from Them? (2D) What are the Frictions or Costs to Capturing this Value from Them? (2E) What Makes the Value Capture Defensible? (2F) How does this Captured Value Accrue to the Token?

3. Lifecycle Patterns

| (3A) How is the Token Created?

List all sources of token issuance

Ex. mining, farming, staking, airdrops, etc
(3B) Is the Token Transferrable?

Not all tokens should be tradeable or transferable Ex. reputation or social status tokens | | | (3C) How is the Token Used?

List all ways the token is used Ex. pay for access, discount, collateral, etc | | | (3D) How is the Token Destroyed?

List all ways in which the token is burned or destroyed Ex. burn to mint, burn as payment, expires, etc |


4. Incentive Mechanisms

To complete this worksheet, fill out the Incentive Mechanisms Framework below: